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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 85 - 09/10/03

J Xaverre
Saturday EP
Memphis Industries

Last moonth we presented Broadway Project's latest offering. Here's the second EP off lablemate J. Xaverre's forthcoming debut album These Acid Stars. And who, you may well ask, is J.X.? Well, born and bred Pete Goften in Sunderland, England, formerly also known as Johnny X of Kenickie. He rejected the bright lights and decaying liver that his early pop success gave him, the press report tells us. The latter also tags the 'nu soft-rock' (sic!) label to the music of J.X. Well, yes and no.

The title track starts out rather promising in a singer-songwriter kind of way. Acoustic guitar and vocals with a discreet howling electric guitar in the background until the band kicks in (well, sort of) with drums, bass, electric piano and all. Nifty! The only trouble is the chorus that - apart from a short intermission - seems to occupy more than half the song. 'I talk to you on Saturday, Seems I forget myself' etc. Not that inspiring and repeated too many times. It probably works better on the two alternative mixes on the 12" vinyl edition of the EP.

I prefer the two other songs on the disc. "Strange Thing" is melancholic and childish curious at the same time; dreamy keyboards and soft acoustic guitars. Nice! The only problem is about the same as above, the title being repeated too many times at the end. "Making The Most Of A Beautiful Day" is the pop-folk alibi of the EP. Swirling keyboards and banjo sounding strings. Neat! There are discreet keyboard buzzes and noise throughout the songs, which works really well, especially on the last one. Maybe the result of assistant producer David Trumfio's efforts (of Wilco and My Morning Jacket fame)? It gives the impression of a nu (sic!) kind of relaxed psychedelia for the present rather than nu soft-rock. And it tickles the expectations for the forthcoming album.

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