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The Tiger Lillies
...a walk on the wilder side...

Tiger Lillies are not a conventional band. Their singer Martyn Jaques sounds like Dame Edna, but the music is like Tom Waits' Raindogs after a remix by Jaques Brel and Bertold Brecht.

They have done a musical inspired by a horrifying cautionary tale for children called "Shock Headed Peter". They are the band that ran away with the circus and never came home. They are the band the characters in Todd Browning's infamous Freaks might form on an inspired day. They've recorded loads of albums about sex with animals, the sea and cemeteries amongst other things.

They sing of inanities and profanities. Tiger Lillies don't rock, they're too clever and mischievous for that. Discover them or be bored forever. Hop on over to Tiger Lillies why don't you? Let the fun begin.

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