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coverpic flag Japan - Full Moon 85 - 09/10/03

Tujiko Noriko
From Tokyo to Naiagara

Tujiko Noriko mixes her soft vocals with hard electronic sounds to great effect. She's been compared to Björk and that makes a lot of sense. Both are equally adventurous. Noriko sings in her native Japanese throughout. The sensuous, drifting "Zipper" is a lot like the songs on Björk's Vespertine . Noriko's vocal sounds both distanced and warm. "Rocket Hanabi" is an abstract lullaby with powerful beats. "Kimono Tameni" is a glacial song with Noriko's ethereal vocals at its centre. A forlorn trumpet weaves its way through the song. "Robot hero" has an intriguingly minimal approach, but still makes a powerful impact.

It's a challenging album that Tujiko Noriko has made.

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