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bob hund
Det där nya som skulle vara så bra...
Törncrantz Rock'n'Roll (7") / Silence (CD)

STOCKHOOOOLM!! It's sooo good to have you back, bob hund! bob hund - the toughest, funniest, most clever band in Scandinavia and, yes, probably one of the best live acts in Europe. Here's a brand new song, and their first "real" release since Stenåldern kan börja two and a half years ago (not counting last year's compilation).

"Det där nya som skulle vara så bra..." is bob hund at their most punky, up-tight, aggro rock stylish. Fast and furious. But also humorous. A love/hate affair between vocalist Thomas and Stockholm. "Stockholm! Jag älskar dej, men du har glömt mej!" (I love you, but you've forgotten me!). It's a killer live as I witnessed last week when bob hund visited Oslo (they threw - as usual - a blistering show of entertainment, steam, joy and punch at Betong), when it appeared quite early in their live set. A set holding an awesome collection of "goldies". They're indeed a sing-along/dance-along/jump-along/sweat-along (too bad I wore sandals...) band, with Thomas as some sort of a volcanic 'Grandmaster Flirt'. And even tough this new recording is from their roughermost side, the grinning'n'jumping along never stops.

I really look forward to a new album. They've been recording new material, but before there'll be a new bob hund album we'll get presented to a record by their alter ego - Bergman Rock - this winter.

Goodbye! Goodbye!! Goodbye!!! See you later.

PS! Get the vinyl edition while you can; limited to 500 (individually numbered).

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