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coverpic flag US - Delaware - Full Moon 85 - 09/10/03

Tomorrow Come Today

Boysetsfire is indeed what the name suggests and much more. Call them punks, metals, hardcore, political messengers and so on. Only that they in absolutely no way are some sold out bullshit what some self called fan from the early days use to rumour about the more recent success the band arduously paved after years of dedicated and always honest work.

In BSF's case is like what happened with Bad Religion. The simple fact of getting a better distribution deal and having a chance to spread their music to more people is enough to the narrow minded fans fear that some kind of "privilege" of being one of the few to know the band during a still unknown period is lost forever and of course the band is the one to blame for it. That usual "I'm punker than you my traitor ex-idols mentality" from ones that consider themselves punker than anything else.

Anyway, there are little to talk about BSF. It's a listen to and go to the gigs matter. They are astonishingly real. What you get in the cds, is reproduced alive and most of times, even much more in your veins. And in the new edition of this TCT including the dvd bonus, you perhaps may feel it a bit, if you still could not check them in loco.

Support them because they are the meaning of a true patriotism, the one where you must protest and be against the war. So if you think you are patriot, be like these most horourable soldiers coming from the Delaware front. The fire we need, that one to keep the hope alive, is what they provide.

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