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This day and age
Ghost Train

Lumen is two experienced musicians; John Wills and Pinkie Maclure. They collaborated on Pinkie's solo record From Memorial Crossing and got on well.

Their album is full of exciting songs and rests a lot on Pinkie's extraordinary vocals. The album's sound is rich and lush and allows for a multitude of influences.

"Dust Won't Lie" sounds like latter-day Björk, but Pinkie's voice is her own. Its luscious feline power is unique. "Stranded" is a ghostly song that unfolds carefully. Maclure sounds like a woman possessed while Wills provides a sparse backdrop for her to emote against. "Harbour Song" is a perfect torch song. Pinkie Maclure becomes a modern day Marlene while ghosts of Portishead take over the machinery. "In the Barricades" is scary but minimal. The rhythm and the haunted vocals make it a strong song. "Weird Light" is jazzy and pensive.

Lumen's "This Day and Age" is a masterful album.

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