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Racer Age
Racer Age EP

Racer Age is a new band around, based in Oslo/Lørenskog, with four lads who's been in several bands before the formation of this quartet. Some members used to be in a band called Hippotrip, but this outfit is a bit heavier sounding.

Inspired by 70s hardrock, 90s grunge and present heavier stuff (rock, not metal, and definitely not the 'nu' shite!). They present plain and simple melodic rock. With a groove and punch. Basic, hard rock. Fact. The three songs on their debut show a pro band proving instrumental skills, and decent vocals that go well with their sound. The band are: Blizzter on lead vocals and guitar, Eddie Christ on bass/backing vox, George Slumber on lead guitar/backing vox, and drummer Slügger.

"Poor little bastard", "Wake up, people" and "Time to dive" aren't mindblowing stuff, but they tend to grow better and opt for some slow headbanging. Too bad I recently cut my hair...

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