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Paul The Girl
Electro-Magnetic Blues

Paul the Girl is the name of an unusual and beguiling artist. She writes her odd but shapely songs and sings them in a child-like manner that belies the dark lyrics.

"V Signs" rocks fiercely and shrouds Paul's voice in shrouds of distortion. The song owes more to Captain Beefheart's experiments than any conventional rocker. "Don't you Know Yet Who I am?" has a Led Zeppelin-like swagger to it. Paul's voice takes on a playful nonchalance as she sings of complex relationships.

"Thinking Song" allows the blues to become acquainted with cabaret. Paul gets unhinged vocally. "Spaceship" is splendidly weird. The song's melody is simple but very affecting. "Tea in autumn" is a dark tale that leads to a merrily chaotic climax with Paul and her band letting themselves go as far as they can. And that's very far.

This album is magical.

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