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Danielle LoPresti and the Masses
22 Mountains
Say It Records

Danielle LoPresti's first record was called Dear Mr Penis head. This isn't a woman who's afraid to speak her mind. Her new album is an intoxicating blend of musical styles. She goes from rap to rock without losing her balance. The lyrics are insightful and funny.

"Easier than this" goes from sensually whispered verses to shouty choruses. The Masses lay down a funky groove. "Crashing Down" is like Alanis Morrissette if Alanis was in an inspired mood. The r'n'b-flavoured "Black Queen" is smooth but not bland. LoPresti's fluid delivery is complimented by Keith Jefferson's rap. "Come to my" is a slow, groovy number. LoPresti voice is sensuous and beautiful. The brilliant, tortured ballad "Rearview" is as great as anything Tori Amos has ever done.

"22 Mountains" is fresh and dynamic.

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