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flag Norway - Full Moon 88 - 12/08/03

The Brimstone Solar Radiation Band
Apple Pies & Orange Sky b/w Evil Maharaja
Big Dipper Records

The name of the band suggest the west coast of America during the latter half of the 1960s, whereas the song titles are closer to whimsical British psychedelia of the same period. Well, west coast it is. The band is from Bergen, capital of western Norway. Although the songs are recorded in 2003, they seem to originate in quite another decade. "Apple Pies & Orange Sky" is a quite straightforward little rocker with hoarse vocals, sparkling guitars, period organ and electric piano. The melody and tempo seem closer to the 70s than the 60s, but the lyrics surely can match Status Quo's "Pictures Of Matchstick Men" (1968) etc. The only problem is parts of the chorus that give reverberations of the Eagles. Ouch! "Evil Maharaja" is of a different cast. Slower; acoustic guitar and organ pushing on. Sort of raga rock with a sitar (?) and some droning Jefferson Airplane or maybe Byrds guitars. A little 5 minutes' symphony. Excellent stuff!

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