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Rory Merritt Stitt

Rory Merritt Stitt's second album is a grand, sophisticated thing. His versatile piano playing is at the centre. Vocally he goes from masculine strength to feminine fluttering.

Think of him as a close relative of Rufus Wainwright, or a contemporary, less sentimental Elton John. "Jungle Boy" is sweetly complex. Stitt plays with the ease of a professional piano bar entertainer, but injects the song with more pathos than that would imply.

"The Runner" is a frantic, Tori Amos-like song. Stitt exaggerates his vocal stylings but gets away with it. "Unlaced" gives us a softly crooned tale that might have migrated from the seventies. "Jaded" shows Stitt's voice from its most dreamy and evocative side. His piano makes a restrained backing this time. "Renaissance Man" has a compelling staccato rhythm and complex lyrics.

Stitt dares to be ambitious and that's what makes this album so special.

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