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flag US - Pennsylvania - Full Moon 88 - 12/08/03

Adam Evil & the Outside Royalty
Necessary Evil
self-released (demo)

This is a perfect ep. Adam Evil and his gang sound like they've taken their Bowie and T.Rex records and become one with them. "More Than a Girl" is a hit. It's got the irresistible chorus, the quirky words and the pop sensibility required. "Peace of Mind" is the ballad of the set. It shows the bands Roxy Music influence. Violinist Echo shines here while Adam sings like a man possessed by the spirits of Jarvis Cocker and Marc Bolan.

"Just Past Laughing" ends the ep on a grand scale. It's a glam-sounding, ominously decadent song. This record is way too short. More of the same, and quickly please.

(Watch out for their forthcoming album, Sleeping With Strangers - editor's note.)

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