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Meet The Spacemen
35G Records

This red 7-inch piece of vax is Seid's only release of 2003. No new Lord Of The Rings EP to mark The Return Of The King, though they celebrated the event with the annual concert on the premiere evening at a cinema in Trondheim. They also toured the European continent a couple of times and started recordings for the second album. Meanwhile, here's a little something.

Seid's music has often been described as spacerock. The term has never been more appropriate than now: 'Supersonic revelation, interstellar exploration!' "Meet The Spacemen" is the straightest of the two songs, one of Seid's straightest songs ever along with "The Red Planet" from the debut album. It includes lots of spacey guitars, keyboards and rolling drums. Not the usual amount of time signature changes and surprises that we're used to expect from the gang. Also, the tune is merrier than your average Seid song. Still, neither of the songs are typical single material and both demonstrate to some extent what the band is about. "Do As You're Told" is my favourite of the two, dominated by Hammond- and guitar-shuffle and claustrophobic vocals. It sounds a bit like King Crimson's "21st Century Schizoid Man" without the horns but with a waltzy interlude that reminds of some old German or Italian tv-detective series. Because of the distorted vocals the words are hard to catch. Though it sounds like the desperate howls of a kosmonaut on a one-way trip to outer space. I guess Robert Fripp might nod approvingly if he ever heard the song.

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