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La Mascara Snake
La Mascara Snake.....goes fishing
Osito Records

This is an oddball disc. The snake in make up is actually dual - a two-some. The two gents, Edvard Bredok and Pål Henrik Lillevold (a.k.a. Påsan), have earlier released records separately. Now they have come up with this strange sounding project. Totally gone fishing?

La Mascara Snake.....goes fishing opens sounding like some dancehall art-pop. New-romantic avant-dance? Or like Elvis meets Roxy Music in an elevator. They seem to be aiming for the dancing floor. Track two is called "The Dancefloor" and is quite catchy and suggestive. Next track "Badman" sounds like ripping of a Batman-song, and is a bit too static for my ears. "Let's Dance (She Says)" and "The Female Bullfighter" are among the catchier moments, but I find their more chilling, laid-back songs as exciting. Such as the waltzy, instrumental track "Milos Ballad", which turns into the likewise fine "Art Romance", another instrumental song. La Mascara Snake hasn't come up with mind-blowing stuff, but they somehow manage to create some neat atmospheres. Filled with both motion and emotions.

La Mascara Snake have got humor ("If you stop stepping on my toe, I will take you down to Mexico..." - the lyrics opens "If You..."), and surely enough pulsating beats and rhythms to tickle the dance-horny. Coming soon to a dance-floor near you...

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