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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 89 - 01/07/04

Saturday Frank
Crowmatic Mambo
Coal Dog Music

This cd represents a style of music that ought to be more common in Sweden. The bands twisted blues-fried rock topped with Saturday Frank's gravely voice is very appealing.

The song writing is top notch too. "Who Told the Wind" is a gritty song that owes a lot to Tom Waits. "Lowborn" has vocal echoes of Freddie Wadling. Its fractured blues is a lot more daring than anything I've heard in a long while.

"Sweet Hard Time" is a menacing tune that would make Johnny Dowd proud. Saturday Frank creates a uniquely skewed sound. "The Firetruck" sees the band go metal with stirring results. They even sprinkle some jazz in to make things really interesting.

'Pigface Johnny C Sixfingers plays the violin barefoot in the warm blood goes the chorus to "Twelve". This album is a necessary antidote to all the sugared nonsense that pours out of the radio these days.

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