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Various Artists
Eclectica Vol. 2
Middle Pillar Presents

Eclectica Vol. 2 is an aptly named sampler from the darkwave label Middle Pillar. The compilation features some great tracks by both old and new signings. Aenima's remixed album track "Pale" is an ethereal song with an electronic pulse. The bands singer Carmen has an exquisite voice. Zoar's "Ashes Falling" is in this version a very club-friendly track with an ethnic twist. Mirabilis' "In the Dark" has pristine, distant vocals worked into a thundering groove. The Mirror Reveals' forthcoming album is previewed with a delightful track.

Elsewhere we get a lovely remix of the Changelings and Sumerland's dreamy sounds.

All in all, this compilation works well as a whole and as an introduction to Middle Pillar's unique bands.

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