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William Hut
Versus the end of Fashion Park
Banana Party/Tuba!

William the conquerer! Or maybe Shakespeare? Conquest or poetry aside, William Hut (a.k.a. Willy Marhaug) has put out his second recording, and Versus the end of Fashion Park oozes of pop bliss and brilliance.

A couple of years ago I claimed his debut Road Star Doolittle to possibly be one of the Norwegian pop albums of the year (2001). And the same thing goes for this one. Not bad for a record released only a couple of weeks into 2004. His voice is distinct and unique, and the songs he and his buddy - together they're The Road Stars - Bjørn Bunes (keyboards, piano, wurlitzer, programming, guitar) puts out are really soothing. William Hut (vocals, guitars) still roam the landscapes of calmer R.E.M. stuff, and maybe also something slightly related to Radiohead (the UK press has hailed Will Hut and/or his former Poor Rich Ones to be the Norwegian Radiohead). Two of the songs have got vocal contributions from Sissy Wish - the next big pop platter out of Bergen (check our next issue for a review of the exciting debut You May Breathe...). And all tracks are delicately arranged and instrumented.

From the opening "King Of" to the final "End (Fashion Park Station)" ...Fashion Park is a pleasant journey through comfortingly laidback pop music. "Twin Town" should be a massive hit in just world. "For The First Time" is an electronic rhythmed piece with an indeed catchy chorus. William's duet with Sissy Wish (great voice!!) on "Path" is simply majestic. My only argument "against" this album is that it sometimes balance a thin line, almost tumbling into too much feelings and "Welt Schmertz". Just almost.

Nevermind some small, weaker spots. And nevermid the Battle of Hastings or Romeo and Juliet: William Hut is the king. The Road Stars are true connoisseurs of making pop music.

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