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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 90 - 02/06/04

Lizette &
This Is
Blue Lemon International

This is an exceptional debut from Lizette von Panajott and her band. It mixes industrial and progressive rock and adds Lizette's strident vocals.

I remember coming across Lizette on the late, lamented, downloading a song and being blown away by its intensity. Thankfully her sounds have been transferred to this cd, intensity and spirit intact. Not surprisingly she thanks Trent Reznor in the liner notes. The very Nine Inch Nails-like "Breathe" (the lyrics even mention a "downward spiral) shows Lizette's skills as a musician and singer. The darkness of the piece is balanced by Lizette's vocal strength. "Wasteland" is a negative reflection on a failed relationship. The band lay all their ferocity into this song. The music is dark enough to remind me of the eighties goth scene. But this song lacks that era's pomposity.

"Evil" is fittingly sinister. Lizette gives a marvellous vocal performance, going from angelic to devilish with equal conviction in both roles. The songs melody is strong too. The ballad "Within" shows Lizette's softer side and makes it very appealing.

The three closing songs form a powerful unity. "Did I" and "Must I" leads to the lengthy "Nothing" - a nine minute tour de force of tension and intrigue.

It's an extraordinary album all told.

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