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Chemical Jazz
Googlie Mooglie

CatDesigners are a prolific and intriguing indie band. Their singer/guitarist and songwriter Nick Troop seems to have some fascinating ideas on how to make music.

The lovely "Gravity Means.." is space age balladry like Bowie used to sing it. Troop's appealingly fragile vocal suits the song well. "Medicine Song" resembles Blur back when they knew how to pen a catchy tune. "Breeding (in the 21st century)" is a sweet little song with a faint psychedelic undertow.

"Vapour Trail" revisits early Bowie circa Space Oddity and has similarly spaced out lyrics. "While you were dancing" is as quintessentially English as the Kinks were. The instrumental "Dizzy Q" rocks out convincingly.

Chemical Jazz is a multi-layered, impressive debut.

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