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Archie Bronson Outfit
Kangaroo Heart
Domino Recording Company

Meet Archie Bronson Outfit - a powerful threesome from South London. The Bronson Family are gents Cleveland, Hobday and Windett. The line up is bass/voice, guitar/voice, and drums, but who's playing what...I don't know. ABO present their debut release, a 7" single holding "Kangaroo Heart" b/w "Devils Move" (the CD's got a third track, "Blue Beard"). British psychedelic rock (late 60s tumbling into the 70s) revisited. Raw and wild.

"Kangaroo Heart" is an explosive song with guitars on overdrive, and a pumpinng rhythm section. Indeed fierce and dirty, greasy and sweaty, bluesy and noisy. An excellent single with a tremendous drive. Or, dare I say bounce... The b-side is half the speed and far as intense and catchy. Well, it is intense, but more in a steady and punchy way. Of a darker nature, and very R.O.C.K. indeed. Imagine Roky Erickson teamed up with Black Sabbath in, say, 1975.

An exciting debut. Play it loud! Hope to hear more. Soon.

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