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Hello Goodbye
Haunted Holiday
Racing Junior

"I say high, you say low
You say why and I say I don't know, oh no
You say goodbye and I say hello..." ("Hello, Goodbye", The Beatles)

Swedish-Norwegian act Hello Goodbye present their second album, two years after their debut Heart Attack. And that's what they're up to: attacking your heart, with their little songs of charming, jangly basement-pop. Minimalist style, to the point catchy and heartwarming.

Hello Goodbye are Frode Fivel (guitar) and the Swedes Lisa Lundquist (voice) and Johannes Kanschat (drums/percussion). Again Alexander Kloster-Jensen (of The Ricochets) has contributed, both guitar skills as well as one of the songs, "Happy Birthday". Other players are Lars Borg on bass/up-right bass, and Markus Hasselblom on synth/backing vox. Since last time a lot has happened. Hello Goodbye have reached John Peel's player as well as being listed on NME's Tun On-list. And last year Frode Fivel put out an exciting, low-voiced solo debut. Besides that Hello Goodbye still sound like... Hello Goodbye. Check the awesome "Return To Sender" (with Frode singing), or "I Thought I Knew" (with both Frode and Lisa on vox), or The Velvet Underground-ish "From Fashion to Failure" (vox by Lisa). Or the DIY-garage-poppy "Steve Young's Eyes" (another one w/ Lisa singing). The frantic, extremely word rich "Great Talker" is another entertaining piece, as well as the closing, energetic "Peace of Mind". There might be one song too many, but, heck, as long as they manage to clutch on to their trademark charm (and with really short songs) it doesn't matter.

File between 22 Pistepirrkko and the Raincoates. Or between Yo La Tengo and The Velvet Underground.

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