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Kate Fenner
Horses and Bruning Cars
Cardboard Records

Kate Fenner has one of those drop dead gorgeous voices that can imbue any material with meaning. Her songs are literate and passionate so that makes her music a real pleasure to hear.

"Linden Trees" is a beautiful, descriptive song that shows Fenner's warm, husky voice at its best. "In Your Good Name" features memorable lyrics and a menacing guitar line. "But oh you lion, you paced your cage. You watered down, you auctioned off your rage", she sings. "Holding Pattern" was inspired by Joni Mitchell's "This Flight Tonight". There's the same eloquent use of words and haunting melody as in Joni's song.

The sprightly, country-tinged "Little Deaths" turns to writer Alice Munro for inspiration. "Twin Griefs" is heartbreaking and bare. The voice is at its most affecting here.

This is a fine, inspired record that should appeal to many.

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