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The Zutons
Who Killed The Zutons?

Madly Matt and Quicksand Sally were gunning for Reno when the pick-up truck they were driving in a freak slide of nature and all possibility lost its rear axel and screechskidded sparking 845 yards* before slipping into the median culvert. This last gasp of movement from the truck seemed to happen in super-slow motion. It eventually toppled onto its drivers'side dumping still screaming Sally right smack top of the Double M. They both groaned and then flew into an uncontollable fit of laughter that didn't subside until just before the California Highway Patrol arrived at the accident scratching their heads.

As one of the officers was climbing up on top of the cab to pull them up and out of the passenger window Sally gave Madly a little squeeze as if to say it was all going to be okay. They were far enough from what they had seen that morning to be safe and Reno could wait until tomorrow. They'd find a little motel, get the truck fixed and find someone someday who would believe their story - maybe in Santa Cruz.

*Figure is taken from a document that would exist if, in fact this tale were factual, and that would've been a CHP report on the accident and its effect on traffic conditions and overtime hours. The actual number 845 yards comes from the authors' experience in near fatal, extremely impossible automotive vehicular highway drama which, in fact, is questionable.

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