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Strange Little Creature
Googlie Mooglie

Hot on the heels of the debut follows CatDesigners' second album. Nick Troop has written and played everything on it so it's a one man band so far.

The psychedelic strains of opener "Vain as I am" winks at Syd Barrett and Julian Cope. "A mind like mine" sees Troop rocking out a bit more than usual. This one sounds like Blur in a weird mode. "Good Thoughts" has Troop sounding like a cousin of Morrissey, wailing plaintively.

He echoes Stone Roses' John Squire on guitar. "Heaven's on your Side" is a great a song as I've heard all year. It goes from a laid-back opening to a frantic pace. This record is more fleshed out than the debut, but it has the same great amount of great songs.

Nick Troop should have a bright future ahead of him.

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