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10,000 Things
Foodchain b/w Mummy's Big Plan
Domino/Dusty Company

Foodchain is the debut platter from Leeds sixtet 10,000 Things, and the Foodchain EP includes 4 songs: the title track, plus "Oh No!", "Mummy's Big Plan", and "Back To Minehave". This, a 7" vinyl piece holds only the main track plus "Mummy's...".

In describing 10,000 Things' sound of music a variety of things (10,000...) has been said, such as: "..sorry if your daddy doesn't love you and you were bullied at school, but try something constructive like a stamp collection and stop pretending you're a rebel." (Manchester Music Online) Others have tagged them: "Imagine Status Quo with occasional bongos." (Leeds Music Scene). Well, ups and downs thumbs-wise must be swallowed if you're aiming somewhere seriously in rock biz.

I'm not really sure where 10,000 Things are heading. In "Foodchain" they're singing about moving up the foodchain. Not so sure about that. It sounds quite slow, slack, syrup-like and rockabillyish The Cramps-styled, but it is sort of getting nowhere fast. If not maybe tumbling some stairs down the foodchain. B-side "Mummy's Big Plan" is more up-tempo and fresher, raw, boogie-type rock. And it somehow makes me think of some of Blue Öyster Cult's songs or somewhere up that alley.

Not changing the world, and I guess that wasn't the plan either. But you'd better watch out, lads, or you may end up like that other Yorkshire gang: suffering relegation...

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