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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 93 - 05/04/04

Neils Children
Come Down b/w How does it feel now you're on your own?
Soft City Recordings

By judging the cover picture (and other pictures) Neils Children want to be placed in the Spacemen 3, (early) Manic Street Preachers, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club division. Glassy eyed, rebel attitude. With a touch of make-up.

Neils Children have released another 7", I Hate Models, and there'll be a new 7" out next week (May 10th). But "Come Down" is their debut; a dirty, noisy song. They sound fresh and young, and a bit angry. Psychedelic punk-beat, or something like that.

The flip side "How does it feel now you're on your own?" is maybe the better. It's almost like a punkish, primitive Supergrass. Well, "Come Down" is quite entertaining as well, with its noisy arrogance. They sound quite British, even though I sense some drops of U.S. alternative/hard-core, like Sonic Youth mixed with Dead Kennedys.

An interesting taster by this London-based (?) threesome. Watch out.

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