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Allison Crowe
Rubenesque Records

Singer/pianist Allison Crowe may look frail, but she has a powerful voice. On her debut she puts it to good use. The cover of Counting Crows "Raining in Baltimore" shows her at her best. The soulful voice soars and the piano playing is gorgeous. She sings the melancholy words as if they were her own. "Philosophy" is a sedate song with fascinating lyrics. Crowe's singing is stirring here even if she holds back a little.

"Immersed" is like a early Tori Amos song, confessional, strong songwriting. "I will cause you sorrow" states Crowe. The bluesy "Secrets (that aren't my own)" deals with the complexities of relationships. Crowe uses her remarkable voice to emote and it works well. "Maybe I'm the court jester." She sings. "Maybe I'm the life of the party" while hinting at the darkness behind the happy smiles.

"Sea of a Million Faces" is a sweet song with an intricate melody. Her version of Leonard Cohen's "Joan of Arc" is marvelous. She puts her own stamp on the great song. Secrets is a great album and Crowe is a brilliant artist.

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