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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 94 - 06/03/04

Virgin Records, San Francisco, 01.06.04 1:30 PM
Cafe du Nord, San Francisco, 01.06.04 10:30 PM

There's someone I'm always thinking of.

The beautiful she and the boy who is amazed to be sitting there. And vica versa. Or not wanting to go faster than this bike is moving. You know the wind is already blowing my hair and not faster is so nice - I seem to be more aware of the scenery and the company.

Do you know these Keane songs? Of course, they're huge in the UK, but I live in the states and it's all pretty new to us. Still, they're as welcome as ice cream and a movie. They are unapologetically positive and uplifting and anthemic and how brave is that in music today?

It's like a sculptor choosing a general on a rearing horse as a subject. A cliche to the point of a groan. Why then is this so delicious?

There's someone I'm always thinking of.

And like Tom says tonight, "Go on, laugh."

I'm still singing my song...

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