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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 94 - 06/03/04

Jim Stärk
Morning Songs
Sweet Recordings

Just when summer is about to break around Norway Jim Stärk release this 5 song platter to cool down the audience. Playing their mild breezed, laidback soft-cored rock. A bit surprisingly they've hit the radio play-lists as well as the charts. Well, through two albums, 2002's Ten Songs And Hey Hey and last year's No Time Wasted, they've build themselves a name among lovers of Americana/folk-rock here in Norway. But the're not the most likely band to have a minor summer hit.

There's been quite some raving about their take on Townes Van Zandt's classic beauty "Like A Summer Thursday", and even if it's nice and good and so I almost get more pleased with a couple of their own songs here. Like the main track "Morning Song", which is the one to get a lot of air-play. "'ll be okay for tomorrow and allright for today...". Elegantly loose, a stroll barefoot through morning dewed grass while the sunrise saluts you. But the better song on this EP is the closing "Heart of Coal" (nifty title), which is straight, low-toned rock song, but indeed majestic. A comfy song for that time early in the morning when the horizon is getting colored glowing red'n'orange.

Jim Stärk has put up a fine start for the summer season. Not exceptional, but perfectly relaxed and accuratly. Let the sun rise.

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