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David & the Citizens
Until the Sadness is Gone
Adrian Recordings / Border Music / Tuba (N)

David & the Citizens (D&TC) was established by David Fridlund 5 years ago, when going to perform his songs live for the first time. There were a few changes in the line-up before the band got its present formation: Alexander Madsen (guitar), Conny Fridh (bass, backing vox), Magnus Bjerkert (trumpet, piano, organ), Mikael Carlsson (drums, backing vox), plus of course David himself (vocals, piano, acoustic guitar). Their debut For All Happy Endings came two years ago, and here's their second go, Until the Sadness is Gone. And, yes, the sadness disappears the moment you put on this record. Promise.

Until... starts with "The End", and I was amazed from the first time I slipped the platter inside my player. It's a song includig a guest appearance by klezmer band Tummel, a song with an Eastern (Europe that is) feel, with lyrics of such depressed nature that the optimistic touch in the music makes me feel relief. But the happysad feel is excellent. And suddenly track two, Graycoated Morning, is on (this happens throughout the album - the next song starts almost before the former ends) with full frontal brass. Yes, trumpet! Trumpet pop rules!! Think Love, and many of the Elephant 6 bands. But bands that come to mind when D&RTC sweep through their musical landscape of bittersweet indie pop are Bright Eyes (with a little less despair), They Might Be Giants (but not being so "funny"), and Violent Femmes (mainly the spontanous feel of the music). When the title song comes as track three I'm totally sold. A smashing beauty, with its energetic outbursts before calming down. Brilliant! On the snappy EP track "New Direction" there's another guest apperance, by acclaimed Swedish gutarist Ossler. Other friends popping in are Sara Culler who co-sings the sweet and tender "Never A Bottom" and the very poppy "Let's Not Fall Apart", and string quartet Tomas Ebrelius Quartet contributing to "On All American Winds".

All summed up: for me Until the Sadness is Gone was a really treat. David Fridlund has come up with an highly impressive line of songs, 11 songs, almost without any weak moments. Just a few beauty spots are missing from keeping this platter to be a total masterpiece. Faves: "Sore Feet + Blisters", the powerful "Silverjacketgirl", the sad-ridden and mariachi-ish ballad "As You Fall (I Watch, with Love)", and finally the already mentioned "Until the Sadness is Gone" - the latter being the oustanding song of the album.

Ain't no cure for the summertime blues? Yes, it's called Until the Sadness is Gone.

Distribution in Norway: Tuba!

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