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Leslie Berry
Was It Blue?

"Which chord did I strike in you? Was it blue?" asks Leslie Berry on her new album. She wrote and played nearly everything on it, which is very impressive. I should say the chord she strikes is blue, the album is replete with sadness and beauty.

The song "Winter Blues" is quirky and sees Berry singing most evocatively. She sings of being shut out in the (emotional) winter and the chill permeates the song. "Fighting School" is s low-key, minimalistic song with a lyric on the struggles of life. "Tragic queen" is elegant and understated. The prog rock tendencies of Berry's sound come out to the fore here.

"She's Not conformable Being seen" tells of a lonely young girl. Berry sings of the girls longing to express herself in song, so maybe she's singing of her own younger days. The traditional "Boys of Kilkenny" closes then album in an innovative arrangement.

Leslie Berry is an impressive artist.

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