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Null Device
A Million Different Moments
Nilaihah Records

Null Device play an intriguing mix of synth pop and Middle Eastern influences. The appealing vocals of Eric Ohler sound as forlorn as singers in the genre usually do. "Destines and Symmetries" is replete with swirling synths and mock-Arabic chants.

It sounds like an odd mix but it works well.

The Depeche Mode stylings of "Easier" are offset by guitar parts and Ohler's innocent-sounding voice. "Travelogue" takes in the Middle eastern influences more fully and uses a romantic yearning as a focus for the lyrics. "I'll travel round the world in hope that I will find you" sings Ohler and namechecks as many places as he can.

"The Hourglass" is a more traditional synth song than the others but good with it. "Walk in London" has a very Pet Shop Boys-like lyric, musically it follows that path too.

This album is remarkable in any genre.

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