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Icelandic band Slowblow has been away a wile but now they've returned with a new record. Band member Orri Jonsson helped fellow Icelandic band múm with their new album Summer Make Good and now the band's singer returns the favor by lending her voice to parts of this album.

Slowblow sound soft and calm, much like múm. "I Know You Can Smile" features the aforementioned Kristín Anna Valtysdóttir's soft coo and a lightly strummed guitar. The song is lazy and perfect for summer days.

"Within Tolerance" is very cinematic and has an inspired whistled part. The slow pace is retained. "Happiness in Your Face" is a little rougher and has distorted singing and guitar playing. "Cardboard Box" is a tender duet with Kristin at her finest. Fireworks provide an unusual backdrop for the song and is just one of the odd things Slowblow work into their multi-layered sound.

"Hamburger Cemetery" is an atmospheric little song with a disturbing lyric. Slowblow have just made a very special record.

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