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Roy Loney and the Longshots
Drunkard In The Think Tank
Career Records

Roy Loney was in the Flamin' Groovies and the Phantom Movers and this is his first new record in ages. He's still got it as opener "House of Games" finds him in good voice and spirit.

The utterly infectious "One Track Mind" continues the record. Its punky energy is irresistible. The John Fogerty obscurity "You Don't Owe Me" is a nice track to cover. The ballad "He Talks To Himself" is classic britpop in the vein of Ray Davies of the Kinks. Loney's voice suits this style well. "Steam" is classic rock if such a thing still exists. Well, here it's lovingly resurrected.

Loney and the band are in stupendous form. "Five Times A Fool is a lovely ballad rendered well. This comeback is a triumph in all.

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