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Of Montreal
Satanic Panic in the Attic
Polyvinyl Records

The ever so creative and highly productive Kevin Barnes has put out another album with his Of Montreal, one of the many groups (well, it's mainly an one-man enterprise) within the extended Elephant 6 family. Satanic Panic in the Attic (Cool title! I've even got it on devilish red vinyl!!) hit the streets a few months ago, and must be the...6th album (not counting minis and collections).

The multi-instrumental Barnes has done most things himself, but some friends have been around helping out. Such as Andy Gonzales (Marshmallow Coast) on guitar, Heather McIntosh on cello/backing vox, and Sara Kirkpatrick on flute/backing vox. Then there's some chorus by Bryan Poole (a.k.a. The Late B.P. Helium), and Eric and Pete (could that be gents Harris and Erchick off OTC?). Not to forget Kevin's (Norwegian) wife Nina (who's in Ethnobabes). She's now a full member of Of Montreal as well.

Barnes makes music quite 'British' sounding. Think beat-pop/rock sort of from out of the late 60s (Beatle-beat and Kink-pop, but I also set my mind on the obscure 80s band Monochrome Set now and then... anyone?). His lyrics are indeed engaging and entertaining stuff. Little stories based on own experiences it seems (I guess), combined with a sparkling fantasy. As well as true love songs. Such as "Lysergic Bliss", with the line "Wonder how I'm managing to smile oh when I can't even pay my rent / Maybe it's because I've finally found my little tulip my Norge dear". Or the cineast view within "Rapture Rapes The Muses" which opens with "You hit me so hard like a Wong Kar Wai beginning / I'm exploding in smiles my equilibrium is spinning".

Satanic Panic... is running over with blissful and/or twisted pop on the slightly psychedelic side, and is maybe one of the best Of Montreal albums so far. Take the opening "Disconnect the Dots", or the mentioned "Lysergic Bliss". Or the funny "My British Tour Diary". Then there's the hilarious and energetically catchy "Chrissy Kiss The Corpse". Or "Spike the Senses". But my biggest fave on the album is the song "How Lester Lost His Wife"; a smashing popper full of life and power.

Go Of Montreal! Look forward to seing you this fall somwhere in Oslo.

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