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the Subcons
Time Has Come

The Subcons is Fletcher Foti and Richard Bruno. Their music is dreamy and poppy. "Making up the Rules" sounds like something the band has recorded in the basement, deliberately raw and sketchy. Lo-fi to the bone.

"Head for Home" is more assured but retains the feeling that we've stepped in on the band rehearsing. It's like a Simon and Garfunkel for Bright Eyes fans. The sparkly pop of "Golden" boasts a more traditional approach to making music. Foti plays a sweet melody and Bruno sings confidently. The nostalgic "When I was 13" tells of cars and girls and is winsome and sweet. It wigs out towards the end.

"Don't Wanna" is another nice song with some indie twists and turns. The last song is backwards. Contrary folks, these Subcons. I think it's a good thing.

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