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Maggi, Pierce and E.J.
Maggi, Pierce and E.J. (The Gold Album)
EMP records

Maggi, Pierce and E.J. are a striking trio who offers off-kilter songs with lovely harmonies. The poignant "Back" sees the narrator try to get his beloved, well, back.

A harmonica wheezes sympathetically. The jazzy "Jaded" shows there's more to the band than one might first assume. E.J. even scats like Louis Armstrong while the others woop in the background. "Coffee Song" is a swinging song with a great sax part. "I like it best in the morning" they sing, not just meaning coffee. The sheer joy of the song makes it hard to resist. "Visit Me" is disarmingly simple and has Maggi sounding like Innocence Mission's Karen Peris. She sings luminously about being with her love.

"Fate Train" is a country tune with E.J. in fine form on vocals. It should prompt massive singalongs. The trio go from genre to genre with charming disregard for any rules.

Gold is indeed golden.

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