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The Lionheart Brothers
Colour Contrast Context
Chewin Pine

I'm a bit sceptical when members of a band start their thanks-list on the cover with GOD (capital letters and all) before Mum and Dad, helpful friends or others. Maybe rock'n'roll isn't the work of the devil after all, but... Well, maybe the thanksgiving here isn't that unappropriate after all, the music of the Brothers do has elements of divinity. In the song "Time River Floaty" they states that: "Time, the line between divine and pure love". Now we know! That particular song might work as a key-song into the EP and the music of The Lionheart Brothers. All the song titles deal with elements: fire, water and air. And the music is floating, actually slow no matter the tempo of the drums. To some extent it reminds me of This Mortal Coil, Dead Can Dance and paticularly Cocteau Twins of the 4AD label of the 1980s: reverb and echo/repetitive effects, music and lyrics larger than life.

"I Burn Myself On You" is my favourite here. The melody is nice, both melancholic and merry at the same time. The violin and sore guitar licks stand out and underlines the slow floating quality of the song along with the vocals. This is moody music better suited for late nights than early evenings. The songs might even help you slumber into soft dreams. B.t.w.: The Lionheart is a guitar- and keyboard-playing duo augmented by some steady Brothers. Colour Contrast Context is the band's first EP. Earlier they have released one and a half seven inch singles and an album to critical acclaim. I guess Colour Contrast Context might gain them some new disciples. Samples and info at the Brothers' web site.

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