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Another Jennifer
Ithacan Records

Levi is a white girl rapper and she's good at what she does. Musically she reminds me of what Alanis Morrissette would sound like if she rapped. Or the Beastie Boys' now defunct chums Luscious Jackson a decade back.

"Made it to 18" is a lot like that bands debut EP In Search of Manny, combining guitars with Levi's cool vocal. "Who do you think you are" is more strident, Levi giving a feisty performance, as the guitar part grows more ferocious. "Judge Mental" is a rockin' track with a smart lyric about those who are quick to judge. "Another Jennifer" hilariously discusses why Levi chose not to use her real first name. Why? Well there are too many Jennifers of course. "The Alias chick, Part of Five, J-Lo" she exemplifies.

"Hick" is a tongue in cheek anthem to rival Gretchen Wilson's "Redneck Woman". Yee-haw indeed. Another Jennifer is a fresh-sounding and special debut.

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