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Amun Ra
Amun Ra

Amun Ra suggest the label "kinetic world-infused trip-hop" for their music and that would seem to fit. Add a bit of jazz and you're almost there. Singer Emily Shirley lends her smooth voice to make the blend even better. If Morcheeba were a bit more innovative they would have made an album like this.

The jazz fusion opener "Ancient Sky" is very accomplished. Shirley shows she can sing like an angel and drummer Ed Arnold is rock-solid. The rhythm-heavy title track glides by in an inspired fashion. Eventually it gets to a fevered delirium without losing complexity. Lyrically it includes Charles Baudelaire's poem "Albatross".

The ten minute epic "Spiritual Expedition" opens with the work of guest Mister Rourke who samples and uses the turntables. The band then take the song to the brink. "El Zahf" is a progressive-flavored track that features some of the bands best playing.

Bloom is a strong debut.

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