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Sky Salt
I Believe In Fairy Tales
Lime Crime Records

Sky Salt make music in the gothic genre and have a gifted vocalist called Xenia. "Paper Angels" is a hummable song with distorted guitars. Xenia's little girl voice fits in in a weird way. "Beautiful" is a little eerie and has a stirring chorus. "You Got It (Wrong)" is softer and lets Xenia's voice take focus more than the other songs do.

Sky Salt are good at creating an original sound and their songwriting skills are apparent. The lovely "How I Feel" is another good example of the bands blend of sweet and sour elements. The vocals are soft and the guitars harsh and tough. The closing song "2 Of A Kind / Epilogue" wraps things up nicely and shows the bands skill at arranging songs.

Sky Salt are clearly onto something good with this debut and I hope they keep making music.

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