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Dogs Die In Hot Cars
Please Describe Yourself

Yes! Looking for another new wave of new wave of new wave? You'd better check out this bratish and cocky bunch of Glaswegian yougsters, spitting out bouncy pop songs gridlocked on early 80s XTC blissful energy and steam. Put in some Jarvis and his Pulp, and you're somewhat close to the sound of the content of Please Describe Yourself, the debut album of the oddly named Glasgow quintet.

As I said when reviewing their second single Man Bites Man E.P. 6 moonths ago: Dogs Die In Hot Cars (DDIHC) could give us the perfect summer album of the year. Well, yes, it pops like hell, and bounces and bends as a hyper rubber ball. Neatly produced by 80s team Langer & Winstanley, unveiling a long line of catchy songs. The album holds 10 songs, and starts off with the single released in prior to the album, the energetic "Godhopping". Then hopping on to the next, "Lounger", the pair of them makes the link to XTC quite obvious. Then comes the instantly catchy "I Love You Cause I Have To", and you're hooked.

DDIHC hold on to the tempo and the stamina throughout the album and only a couple of weaker tracks pulls everything a bit to the ground. Well, maybe weaker isn't the word to use, and they sort of fit in with the rest, so it's maybe just a good mix to let the really good songs stand out. "Apples & Oranges" is maybe too much of a hommage (tongue-in-check?) when it comes to XTC, but its another charmer nevertheless. As is "Modern Woman", "Pastimes & Lifestyles", and the closing "Glimpse At The Good Life".

A smashing debut! Hot dogs anyone?

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