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Athena Reich
Stranger Things Have Happened

Athena Reich is an original artist. Her style is hard to pin down with one label, but that's just fine. One her record we get sensitive ballads, angry punk songs and cabaret pearls. Her voice and approach is refreshingly unique.

The Tori Amos stylings of "Blue Eyed String of Pearls" suit her just fine. "Jesse" is an up-tempo pop song with a lusty lyric. Reich sings of her beloved in lyrical terms, but allows for the complications inherent in any relationship. The punky stomp of "Contra*dick*tions" is glorious. Reich's voice easily inhabits this style.

The jazzy "Limbs" soon turns mischievous as Reich sings of her desire for a pretty girl and rejects conventions. Her voice rushes excitedly up and down to illustrate her point. We're back to Reich's punky side with "Anarchy" and electrifying charge of a song.

This album is a striking piece of work.

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