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Hard rock (as stone, as stoner) foursome WE formed in 1993 and it seems like their sixth album Smugglers will bring them out to the minor masses for a while. At least around Norway, and parts of European cities were the boys have toured heavily, steadily and patiently for years. WE are Thomas Felberg (vocals), Goshie (bass, etc), plus brothers Don Dons (guitars, ++) and Krisvaag (drums, percussion). For those about to rock... WE salute you!

Some years back while touring Europe, WE - one night off - went to see Masters of Reality. Afterwards they met head-Master Chris Goss (also of Kyuss, QOTSA, Mark Lanegan production/contribution fame), and...six years later he's produced (he's also played/contributed) the new WE album. So, Smugglers is...well, WE play cosmic psychedelic hard rock. Rock hard. With riffs flowing. But they tend to vary their song-book, at least throughout this album.

Smugglers opens quite bombastic - shouting, stomping, kicking, screaming, squealing. It's like they wanna sound like sulphuric acid (hence "Sulphur Roast Stomp"). They make full speed throttle ("Wroom", "Cosmic Biker R'n'R"), just to barely get out alive ("Crawling Out Of The Wreckage"). I find things more interesting when they slow down a bit with the fine "Sassy Zazie", for then to accelerate slowly with the title track, with its two parts. "Lucid" is also a funny hairball, but I'm not so sure with radio hit "Catch Electrique". Catchy, yes, but not electrifying. Then the long, progish "On the Verge to Go" takes WE off this un-cosmic soil. Entertaining. Godspeed.

So, WE will not make the world turn upside down or over. What makes WE more fun than many others: they act pompous without being it. Think tights and tribal tiara. They play tough, but they're also having a good laugh. So even if WE are not the champions, WE will probably rock you.

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