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Epikurs Euforie
Lurking For Pray
Lurking For Pray

Epikuros was one of the old Greek wisemen, living a couple of centuries BC. He was into moral philosohpy and how to lead a happy life in particular. Euphoria is a state of well-being under the influence of an illness, alcohol or drug. Euphony on the other hand, is musical harmony. Epikurs Euforie fights against the latter. The state of euphoria involved here probably has to do with the pleasure of disharmony, for the listeners or the band members themselves. Lurking For Pray is no slick pop album... To my knowledge there is little information around about the band, but the members seem to originate from somewhere in Vestfold (no, not in Middle Earth; it's also a county in south-eastern Norway).

We had a couple of releases by Epikurs Euforie on the menu in the latter stages of the previous millennium. The first one boasted the use of moogs, cellos and horns. I can hardly discern any of those on the new album apart from some moog effects. But they are quickly drowned by the guitars. Some of the songs, like "Black Stash", "Waltzing With Evil" and "Ni Ni Tounge II", show some variations and dynamics. The rest is more of the standing-still-and-hitting-your-head-against-the-wall-kind.

The best and worst of Epikurs Euforie can be characterised as mayhem, anarchism, dilettantism or dadaism. Lurking For Pray is an acquired taste, a challenge for the chosen few. Compared to the new 7 inch single by the band How To Make Good Sound, though, Lurking For Pray is pure pleasure. The No Label, No Bull-version of the album is limited to 99 CD copies only. LP-versions will be released by Etchwear and Major Minor Records one of these days.

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