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Unfininished Thought
Based On Actual Events
Shiverstar Records

Unfinished Thought is a band consisting of Joe Kiser and Stacey Nelson. This is the bands second album and the duo have a heavy, but multi-layered sound and a distinctive singer in Stacey. This album is a concept album and as such it's pretty special.

"Sidewalks" is a dark, complex track with dynamic guitar parts by Kiser. "By The Time You Read This" is an atmospheric song that recalls early the Cure. The angelic vocals differ and the monk-like chanting in the background add texture. "Umbrella" is a sweet ballad with some nice piano playing by Nelson. "Evening" is almost synth pop but with a heavier sound. It's catchy and Nelson's vocal is understated.

"The Order of Detail" is calm and sinister. The intriguing programming betrays Kiser's mastery at the controls and the singing is superlative. The epic "The Timid" tells a sad story that encourages us all to "carpe diem" before its too late. The song is prog rock in its proportions and great with it. Unfinished Thought is a fascinating group.

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