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Infomerical Gasmask

This is a haunting and mysterious debut from singer/songwriter Alu. Her sound is dark and cinematic and the lyrics disturbing but acute. "Aspyxia" talks of a wasteland. The sound of someone breathing through a gasmask echoes ghostly in the background.

"Ghostdream" is a dreamy and sweetly chilling song. Alu's seductive vocal balances atop an electronic backing. There are shades of Portishead at their peak and Tricky's urban paranoia. "Confessions to the Undertaker" is weirdly evocative with its talk of seeing ghosts in the graveyard.

"Big Box Little Box" is a dub-influenced song with a strong rhythm underpinning it. "Stigma" considers love in these troubled times. "Infect me with your disease", she sings, echoing The The's cries to "Infect me with your love". It becomes a chilling echo of our times.

This is a remarkable and accomplished debut.

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