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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 101 - 12/26/04

Beatifully Smart
35g Records

Norwegian band AqPop have an intriguing, slightly psychedelic sound. Opener "Have It" carries echoes of Mercury Rev and Flaming Lips. Singer Thor Jørgen Holm sounds wistful while the band weaves a dream-like melody around his vocal.

The groovy sixties-influenced number "Radio 60" sounds like what Swedes The Creeps were doing in 1990. "Relate that Something" is smart pop with a real sense of urgency. "That Day" uses Jade Hasselgård's sweet vocal to great effect, the songs melancholy mood works well too. Towards the end the band interrupts the calm with a guitar maelstrom and allow Holm to take the lead.

"Caught by this Feeling" is progressive leaning masterstroke with dissonant guitar squalls and a vocal that appears to belong in another song. The mood soon shifts and a Pink Floyd-like bit follows.

This is a strong and focused debut.

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