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13 & God
13 & God

With this album I've been made sure that Morr Music and Anticon Records are the 2 greatest labels in the world. Hands down. I would love to write a long review of this, but there just isn't much I can say about it. Honestly the whole idea is overwhelming.

We have performing on this album Doseone, Jel, Dax, Markus and Micha Acher, Martin Gretschmann, Martin Messerschmid (drummer for The Notwist), Valerie Trebeljahr (from Lali Puna) and Steffi Bohm (from Ms. John Soda).

The illustrious Lunakafe awesomly knew about The Notwist long before Neon Golden blew them up. Check out this old interview.

For the story of 13 & God's creation visit.

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