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Sanddollars EP

"Miss Ohio's Nameless" is a perfectly constructed pop song with the worst lyrics you'll ever encounter. And it's great. He sings about the internet and message boards in this tune. And a tune it is. This is hip-hop! "500 Fingernails" finds him beating more. A much darker song than the opener, this one finds Why?'s voice at its neatest. He plays the input plug at the end, a neat affect as well. "Stick 2 Think" AGAIN finds Why's voice and melody developed remarkably from previous outings. An well-crafted pop-song as well. Big 80s drums and a creative count-off greet in the title track. "Sanddollars" is an original and in-touch tune that brings back all kinds of memories. I absolutely commend Why? on this vocal direction. He's singing! And singing well. "These are selfish times" he sings to a melody that brings tears.

"You can do anything cause you're simple" he sings in the short "Vice Principal". Another damned well crafted pop song. "Next Atlanta" recalls previous WHy? Sounds. "Atlanta smells like exhaust" he sings. "Pantone Cyan" gets experimental. The melody he sings on the words "Pantone Cyan" is fucking incredible. "Mutant John" is another fine tune. He's really experimenting with his voice here. Many different characters come out.

An EP that brings promise of what is to come from Why?

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